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Best Iron Vitamin EVER tried (and i've tried a lot) - Kelsey H

Purchased: Cherry Iron Soft Chew

Ok, I never write reviews, especially for VITAMINS. But, this one has got me shook. I've always had problems with swallowing pills and being anemic for most of my life, I've had to try so many different ways to take iron. Liquid, pills, chewables, dissolvables, infusions, etc. This one--which is 45 mg, amazing--leaves NO aftertaste of iron and I love that it's the texture of saltwater taffy and tastes great too. No complaints. A bit pricey, but will continue to buy it.

Great Tasting, no stomach upset - Julie I.

Purchased: Cherry Iron Soft Chew

These are by far the best iron supplements I’ve ever tried as far as taste and not upsetting my stomach! Haven’t been taking them long but as someone who has battled anemia for over 25 years, I can tell when my iron levels are low and when they are improving. I can definitely tell a difference even after only a few days, not totally improved-will need a couple of weeks for that, but slight improvement. Will see what my numbers show. I don’t notice an after taste but after all the different supplements I have used, I don’t know that I notice that stuff as much anymore.

WOW...just, WOW! - Ebb-N

Purchased: Cherry Iron Soft Chew

I have tried a few iron pills and have also been prescribed iron from my doctor. I also take Iron infusions on a monthly basis, due to my growing fibroids. I have been searching for an iron supplement that tastes good and doesn't make my stomach hurt. THIS IS IT. Because I have a hard time maintaining my iron levels, I immediately took 2 upon arrival and I could not be happier with the taste and the way they made me feel. About 30 minutes later I definitely felt more energized. I'm also happy it contains Vitamin C, as this helps with iron absorption. I'm so grateful I now have these.

Tastes like Starburst - Shawn B

Purchased: Cherry Iron Soft Chew

Bought for my daughter who is a distance runner and said she would take iron if I could find a gummy one. Based on reviews, although not gummy, this appeared to be good tasting. My daughter says it tastes like Starburst. She is now willingly taking her Iron everyday.